Why MCG?

To provide clients with a comprehensive and objective analysis together with valuable insights on a variety of topics related to transportation, logistics, and the supply chain

Global and regional perspective:
Extensive experience in the U.S. domestic transportation sector as well as globally, both in developed regions and in emerging markets. Experience across a broad set of industries, products, and geographies.

Practical and proven experience:
Real-world knowledge gained from working with many leading companies in the transportation industry including a global air cargo carrier, a global integrator, two best-in-class logistics service providers, a premier management consulting firm and several leading cloud-based software providers of enterprise transportation management systems (TMS)

Unique value proposition:
Providing hands-on industry knowledge and perspective in combination with market research and detailed, customized analysis based on the specific needs of the client. Advising on strategic investment opportunities, new markets, end-to-end supply chain solutions, strategic network assessments and digital transformations. Consulting to clients on modal diversification strategies, industry trends and best practices.

Domestic and Global Transportation Management, Supply Chain Strategy & Implementation, Logistics Outsourcing, Network Design and Optimization, SC Risk Assessment, Sourcing and Freight Procurement, Horizontal Collaboration

Dirk Stammnitz is the founding Principal of Marblehead Consulting Group LLC. He has more than 25 years of experience in the fields of transportation, logistics, and supply chain.  He advises companies actively pursuing strategic and tactical solutions in this area, or those clients in the financial services sector exploring various investment opportunities.  Dirk is currently a Senior Business Development Manager, North America for the Alpega Group, a leading enterprise TMS (Transportation Management System). Prior to this, Dirk was a sales consultant at MercuryGate International, and a senior advisor at McKinsey & Company where he served clients as an industry expert, while also supporting the firm in developing and delivering a new logistics analysis approach in combination with proprietary software. Dirk also served as General Manager and Director of Sales at C.H. Robinson Worldwide. Prior to this, he was a Global Account Manager at Expeditors International of Washington. Early in his career, he worked for United Parcel Service both in the U.S. and Europe, and was also a certified Load Master (B747 & DC-8 Freighters) for Lufthansa Cargo Airlines.

Since 2005, he has served as a leading industry consultant for a number of primary research firms and expert networks, advising clients from industry, management consulting, investment banking, and private equity on the latest industry trends and best practices.  He holds an MBA in Strategic Management and Finance from the University of Chicago (Booth) and a BS in Professional Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.