North American trucking trends (truckload and less-than-truckload carriers). Providing analysis from the carrier, freight broker and customer’s perspective. Describe the impact of increasing “supply-side” competition as well as the continuing trends toward further industry consolidation.
Discuss both public and private load boards and freight exchanges, as well as the tools available for rate benchmarking to include freight rates and accessorials
Provide a comprehensive overview of the growth in “on-demand” transportation including many new and emerging players such as digital truck brokers, (ie. Uberfreight, Loadsmart, and Convoy) and recent entry by Amazon and the “Amazon effect”. Discuss the impact of digital truck brokerage services and the reaction by incumbents, as well as some of the challenges this type of model faces.
With the ever-increasing need for greater visibility – vehicle tracking has become a “must have” among many shippers and carriers. These solutions come in the form of mobile (ie. smartphones, apps) as well as telematics through onboard computers and ELDs.
Discuss the impact of new regulations including mandates on Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs), Hours of Services changes, etc. How does this affect available capacity, small to medium-size carriers versus large fleet operators?
Assist clients in exploring options around private versus dedicated fleets, other equipment types (ie. flatbeds, hoppers, pneumatics, etc).