Describe the new trends in “managed transportation” in the form of 4PLs and Lead Logistics Provider (LLPs). This model goes by many labels and is often considered by shippers exploring a “total outsource” of their logistics and transportation to one entity.¬†
Provide insights into the specific roles these companies play (either global or domestic), while managing a variety of services, modes, and products for individual clients
Evaluate these business models for a total outsource and discuss the factors critical for success using specific industry examples  
Differentiate among asset-based carriers and non-asset logistics service providers (LSPs) by market share, areas of focus and expertise, and their value proposition
Providing a cloud-based platform for complete control tower visibility and fully integrated with all network partners managing actual freight execution 
These entities often become very strategic partners as they have enormous volumes of data from managing many transactions and will act on behalf of their customers during contract negotiations and in determining service level agreements with carriers