Tire Provide regular industry updates on the market outlook related to overall volume, market demand and available capacity across all transportation modes and the resulting impact on pricing and margins. Provide analysis on whether market trends are cyclical or increasingly more systemic in nature. 
Tire Discuss how new regulations and current supply chain initiatives will likely continue to impact the overall industry and generate further share shift across modes 
Tire Evaluate factors such as market innovations, competition, differentiation, market position, and future growth opportunities both in North America and internationally for many companies looking to expand into new geographies and markets 
Tire Provide insights into current trends whether in new technology, mergers and acquisitions, lead logistics functions and managed transportation, as well as additional value-added services
Tire Provide a comprehensive overview of the growth in “on-demand” transportation including many new and emerging players such as digital truck brokers, freight exchanges, and the “Amazon effect”. Discuss digital truck brokerage services and their impact on the industry as well as some of the challenges this type of model faces.