• Outline of the current logistics value chain, decision-making process, exchange of information and the flow of goods and materials for both inbound from suppliers and outbound distribution and delivery
  • Overview of the customer's (shipper) needs, value drivers, key influencers and the executors of the process
  • Differentiation of the service elements that drive value and understanding the trade-offs between service level and total cost (direct and indirect)
  • Current industry trends and the future outlook, considering ongoing consolidation and M&A activity  
  • 3PL outsourcing and procurement, 360° logistics assessment and identifying appropriate selection criteria as well as RFP/RFQ management and support
  • Network planning and rationalization, exploring opportunities for freight consolidation, modal conversion opportunities, and horizontal collaboration
  • Formal transportation network assessments, taking a 4 P's approach (People, Process, Partners, and Platforms), including evaluating the need for a transportation management system (TMS) for control tower visibility and performance monitoring
  • Guidance and support on global freight (capacity) procurement solutions 

Specialties: Domestic and Global Transportation Management, Corporate and Supply Chain Strategy, Logistics Outsourcing and Implementation, Network Design and Optimization, Warehouse Management, SC Risk Assessment and Mitigation, Sales Management, Capacity Sourcing and Freight Procurement, Horizontal Collaboration