In this section, we have posted some samples of our work with clients. We have included some of this content here in an abbreviated format. For the full version, please provide your contact details below and we will gladly provide you with the expanded case study. 

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Transportation & Logistics – Digital Transformation Taxonomy

This report was completed by MCG together with an industry research organization and covers leading trends pertaining to the digital transformation within Transportation & Logistics. These are topics and opportunities currently “top of mind” with many industry C-level executives.

Transportation Digital Transformation Taxonomy


Introduction to Transportation Management Systems (TMS)

This presentation serves as a general introduction to TMS, covering the primary features and functionality of the system as well as the value captured and typical ROI that can be realized.  Results will vary based on a number of factors.

Intro to TMS Jan2019 (abbreviated)


3PL Industry Overview (completed in 2015)  

This study was a market overview completed in 2015 that covered various aspects of the 3PL industry as well as emerging technologies. 

3PL Industry Overview 2015


Logistics Program Assessment (abbreviated Sample)

This case study was an operational assessment for a client (Shipper) in the dry bulk industry with transportation requirements across trucking, rail, barge, and ocean freight.

Logistics Program Assessment (abbreviated sample)



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